Since there is no usage over this instance ( I am going to close it down soon. Please start migrating your account to another instance. I will close sign ups for the moment. Thanks!

I got no replies, so it seems like it's ok... But I'll wait a bit longer :)

Since there was just a post a week on this mastodon ( I am wondering if it makes sense to keep it going. Let me know!

Mailchimp's rebrand to "more than just an email marketing service" works.

"Mailchimp tells me that 50 percent of its revenue now comes from e-commerce. In total, its customers sold over $22 billion worth of products in the first half of 2018 alone."

Radio Garden, Google Earth for radio streams. This is pretty neat:

“‘Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have the same business model,’ says Balkan. ‘If Cambridge Analytica can sway elections and referenda with a relatively small subset of Facebook’s data, imagine what Facebook can and does do with the full set.’”

I'm having a great time with Red Dead Redemption 2, it's really a good game, and the graphics are amazing, when you consider that it runs on a humble PS4.

"Neofeud is an ambitious, intelligent, from-the-heart one-man cyberpunk adventure-game tour-de-force" --DeluxeTux
My game's on sale on Itch and Steam! Help me make rent! :D
#indiegame #cyberpunk #showoffhour

I think all websites should offer a dark mode

Just launched my redesigned and reengineered personal website. This one is built on the JAM stack using vanilla JavaScript, and it feeds off Github APIs for content. You can find it here:

elementary OS 5 Juno is here. It’s more refined, more productive, and an even better platform for developers. We've majorly updated apps, made the desktop more productive with several new features, refined the overall look and feel, and a whole lot more.

"Why founders and other managers should write a guide to working with them" my latest featuring and

Denmark to label food according to effect on climate

> “We want to give consumers the means to assess in supermarkets the environmental impact of products,” Minister for the Environment Lars Christian Lilleholt said.

Rugy si tu me lis, c’est une bonne idée pour commencer, et montrer que tu n’es pas une marionnette de lobbies. L’étape suivante bien sûr, sera de taxer énormément les nourritures trop mauvaises pour l’environnement.

#environment #climateChange #food

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

I'm back after having my main phone repaired, I was on a backup phone for a few days :)

Introducing Trashy.css | CSS-Tricks

It began, as many things do, with a silly conversation. In this case, I was talking with our Front End Technology Competency Director (aka "boss man")

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